Podcasting the Urban: Five-Part Series

What's at stake in podcasting the urban? There might be more to this question than you think. Podcasting the Urban is a five-part series where we turn the academic gaze back onto our podcasting practice. The Series In 2018 City Road organised four public panel discussions to critically interrogate the idea of academics podcasting the... Continue Reading →

Schools and Cities

Education is one of the key civil rights struggles of our era, and urban schools need to do more to bridge the 'civic empowerment gaps' between students. How and what we teach children will determine how they engage in civic life for the rest of their life. It's time to rethink the role of civic... Continue Reading →

Art and Cities

In the early 1990s, when China’s artists were less able to participate in open debate about the shape of Chinese society, they turned to the production of urban space instead. "If you want to see the political impact of Chinese artists, we can look to the city in order to see that."  Dr Christen Cornell After... Continue Reading →

Land Enclosure

How much public land has been stolen from the British people? The short answer is, a lot! We’re talking to Professor Brett Christophers from Uppsala University about his new book, The New Enclosure: The Appropriation of Public Land in Neoliberal Britain. And it's a story that we just couldn’t squeeze into one episode, so alas, we’ve given... Continue Reading →

Democracy and Cities II

In cities around the world, citizens are channeling their frustration with existing community engagement processes into the creation of urban alliances. These alliances bring together diverse civil society actors in pursuit of social change. This is the second part of our two-part discussion about democracy and cities. We talk to Amanda Tattersall about how urban alliances... Continue Reading →

Global Cities

We talk to Saskia Sassen about her work on globalisation and the global city by tracing the key ideas in three of her books. We start with Saskia's most famous book, The Global City, and the idea of intermediation in the global city. We move onto Saskia's historical and, as Saskia suggests, her best book,... Continue Reading →

Democracy and Cities I

After the Arab Spring, Occupy and the Umbrella Movement the streets were cleared. But as the dust was settling some more durable democratic experiments emerged. These urban alliances sought to make our cities more equitable places to live. In this two-part episode on democracy and cities we’re talking about a new type of political movement... Continue Reading →

Diversity and Cities 

In Sydney, changing international migration patterns and the rise of apartment living means people of different cultural backgrounds are regularly interacting with each other inside their high-density buildings. And it’s not without its problems. In 2016, it was estimated that around 55 per cent of the world's population now lived in cities. By 2030, urban areas... Continue Reading →

Planning Multispecies Cities

We’re talking about extinction, climate change, urban development and urban planning futures. Dr Donna Houston says urban planners need to be more attuned to the ecological realities and rhythms of our cities. From switching on a light, recycling a plastic bottle, shopping at the local supermarket, to asking a smartphone for directions, everyday life in... Continue Reading →


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