City Lane is coming soon

Explore the wonders of the city.

We’re working on a new podcast project for kids about the design of our cities. A podcast blending the curiosity of young minds with the expertise of older ones. 

Explore everything!

We’ve been talking to kids and they have a few questions about the design of our cities, like…

Why are there so many different people in the city?

Where does my rubbish go?

How long are the train tracks?

Where does our food come from?

What happens with I flush the toilet?

Why are there so many statues in the city?


Read some of the chatter about the show below πŸ‘‡


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This podcast project is being produced by Dallas Rogers and the City Road Podcast team. It’s a podcast for kids about the things kids find most interesting about the design of our cities. And like all good podcasts, it is audience-focused. This means we’re placing kids’ listening experience at the centre of the show. Expect to hear lots of young voices, questions and laughter!

The podcast brings the questions of young people together with the expertise of academics working across the science and social science of the city. In this sense it is a science and social science communication project targeting 2-6 year olds.

Season 1 will consist of 5 x 10min episodes. 

Why make a podcast about cities for kids?

Simple, around 4.7 million children aged 0–14 live in Australia and most of these children (70%) live in a major city. Cities are complex places with lots for children to explore.

More broadly, the number of people living in capital cities is increasing each year with capital city growth accounting for 79% of total population growth. Smaller towns and regional centres are important too; right? Yes, of course they are! And we’ll talk about the connections between smaller towns and the regional and coastal cities in the podcast (e.g., through food production).

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