50th Episode: Informal Housing

Welcome to City Road’s 50th episode!

To celebrate we’ve invited the very first guest of the show, Professor Nicole Gurran, back to talk about how we started City Road, our first episode on Airbnb and Cities and Nicole’s current work on Informal Housing.

We also talk about some other fun facts about City Road and the broader work that is coming out of the Urban Housing Lab at the University of Sydney.

So here is a fun fact; did you know that Elizabeth Farrelly launched City Road at the 2017 Festival of Urbanism?

Launch of City Road at 2017 Festival of Urbanism


Professor Nicole Gurran is an urban planner and policy analyst whose research focuses on comparative urban planning systems and approaches to housing and ecological sustainability. She has led and collaborated on a series of research projects on aspects of urban policy, housing, sustainability and planning, funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC), the Australian Urban and Housing Research Institute (AHURI), as well as state and local government. Recent research has included AHURI Inquiries on affordable housing supply (2016-17); housing markets, economic productivity, and risk (2014) and planning system performance (2012), as well as an ARC Discovery Project on the impact of urban regulation on housing affordability in Australian cities and regions (2011-2014). Professor Gurran has authored and co-authored numerous publications and books including Urban Planning and the Housing Market: International Perspectives for Policy and Practice with Glen Bramley(Palgrave Macmillan 2017)Politics, Planning and Housing Supply in Australia, England and Hong Kongwith Nick Gallent and Rebecca Chiu (Routledge, July 2016) , and Australian Urban Land Use Planning: Principles, Policy, and Practice (Sydney University Press 2011, 2007).


Hidden homes? Uncovering Sydney’s informal housing market, by Nicole Gurran, Madeleine Pill, and Sophia Maalsen in Urban Studies

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