Architecture Post-Nation

What makes up a nation? In the 21st century, nationalist frames are giving way to new interpretations of the global. Dr Jennifer Ferng speaks with Professor Vikram Prakash and Professor Julie Willis about the Encyclopedia of Australian architecture, national identity, and the obstacles to capturing selected moments of history. Prakash and Willis speak about the... Continue Reading →

Architecture and Energy

Is modern architecture actually energy efficient? Buildings like the Bauhaus Dessau designed by Walter Gropius required large amounts of heating in the 1920s. The preservation of modern buildings like these often require large amounts of energy consumption, which places them at odds with contemporary ideas around energy efficiency. "We have been conditioned as humans to... Continue Reading →

Architecture and Global Curriculum

Universities are grappling with creating an inclusive and global curriculum that will serve the needs of 21st century architecture students. In terms of architecture, which theories and buildings from which countries and cities should be included, and what are academics doing to address the histories of Indigenous peoples? "The reason I'm here is only because... Continue Reading →

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