Renting and COVID-19

We speak to tenants, tenant advocates and academics about renting during COVID-19.   "The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a hopefully once in a lifetime opportunity to fix the structural and systemic problems of housing that have always been here in Australia."  Dr Alistair Sisson "It's very easy to think that a housing crisis is an... Continue Reading →

Green Structural Adjustment

You might have heard about the 'structural adjustment' program, but what about the Green Structural Adjustment of the World Bank’s Resilient City program? We're talking with Sophie Webber and Patrick Bigger about what they call Green Structural Adjustment. Within environmental and development finance practices, cities across the Global South are facing a costly infrastructural crisis... Continue Reading →

Night-time and Cities

The world of night-time waste collectors, night shift nurses, office cleaners, rough sleepers and security guards rarely makes international headlines.   CityRoadPod · 53. Night-time and Cities Understanding what happens in cities after dark is crucial to global sustainable development, but will also help create a fairer society that values the night-time economy. Yet the... Continue Reading →

Transport as a Platform

Transport is connected to social justice, freedom and equality in the city. CityRoadPod · 52. Transport as a Platform Transit networks are objects of intense political contestation and are key terrains of struggle in cities around the world. As sites of disruption, they signal the interrelated crises of urban poverty, social reproduction, security, racism, democracy,... Continue Reading →

Post-Pandemic Cities

Image: © Wendy Murray 'Take your city back'   COVID-19 is altering city experiences and spaces. As cities respond, the contours of post-pandemic cities are also being altered, for better or worse. This podcast brings together  a group of leading Sydney-based urbanists to start a conversation about what cities will look like post-COVID, and how... Continue Reading →

50th Episode: Informal Housing

Welcome to City Road's 50th episode! To celebrate we've invited the very first guest of the show, Professor Nicole Gurran, back to talk about how we started City Road, our first episode on Airbnb and Cities and Nicole's current work on Informal Housing. We also talk about some other fun facts about City Road and... Continue Reading →

Alpha City

Who owns London? In recent decades, London has fallen into the hands of the super-rich. It is today the essential “World City” for High-Net-Worth Individuals and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals. Compared to New York or Tokyo, the two cities that bear the closest comparison, it has the largest number of wealthy people per head of population. Taken... Continue Reading →

The Architecture of Dread

Doomsday peppers consider the COVID-19 pandemic a 'mid-level' event that they are well-prepared for. We're talking with Bradley Garrett about Doomsday peppers, underground bunkers and COVID-19. Doomsday prepping is the practice of anticipating and adapting to an imagined impending crisis, ranging from low level crises to extinction-level events "The inability to know which disaster is... Continue Reading →

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